Ophelia Dolls

Doll care

Ophelia Dolls are designed to be fun, loved and cherished as playmates. 

They have undergone rigorous testing and are infinitely stronger than they look! 

General care: A usual amount of respect and care is all that is needed. Most children are very gentle when handling a doll, sometimes uncharacteristically so! 

Safety: Very young children should be supervised when playing, please check your child's doll regularly for any signs of wear that may compromise safety i.e hair being chewed or loosened.

Cleaning: Spot clean with weak soap solution and allow to dry naturally. If your doll gets particularly messy then she can be hand washed in warm water. Please take care as over washing, heat or excess friction can felt the wool fibers. If in doubt, please contact us for advice.

Storage: If you would like to store your doll for a long period then please place her in her original packaging, wrapped in the tissue paper provided. This is designed to protect heirloom fabrics (such as wedding dresses). The box lid should be sealed to the main body of the box with tape before storing in a dry place. Extra tissue paper is available in the shop.

Doll Hospital: Should anything untoward happen to your doll then please get in touch as we have a doll hospital to get them back on their feet as soon as possible.

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